Planning a company away day

March 17, 2018

Table plan ideas for your company off-site

Table plans are not just for weddings. Any large gathering of people needs to be well organised. Companies are increasingly using off-site events to help get employees out of the office and generating fresh ideas.

Imagine a large corporation, like Facebook or Google, even a small department is likely to have in excess of 50 staff members.

Company off-sites often happen in hotels due to their array of large rooms that are ideal for catering for large numbers. Such rooms will be used for training during the day and a meal later in the evening.

To help organise your colleagues a table plan like those shown below will help everyone know where to sit.

The above table plan uses a simple font in the style of a marker pen. This goes well with a training theme and could be used to help organise staff during the day.

The evening might call for more elegance, so the below design is great at setting the tone and shifting people’s mindsets away from the topic of work and business.

Both take just minutes to make and can be printed for free at home or on the office printer. For a more sophisticated finish, consider using some high quality card in your printed instead of standard A4 paper.

As with weddings, you’ll probably have attendees who don’t turn up or are sick on the day. When this happens you might need to quickly move guests from table to table. Using just a mobile phone you can generate a fresh set of table plans that you can print at the venue allowing you to cope with whatever surprises guests throw at you.