9 people you must thank in your wedding speech

April 11, 2018

9 people you must thank in your wedding speech

Wedding speeches can be daunting for the best of us but they provide an opportunity for you to thank those people who helped make your special day possible. Not every speech needs to be laced with jokes - a heartfelt thank you to those guests who helped you get to where you are today always goes down well.

Your Mum and Dad

(Or the people who raised you). They fed you, housed you and put up with your tantrums as you grew up. Not everyone has a good relationship with their parents but if they’re on your top table with you then it’s fair to say that they probably deserve a mention. Try not to focus too much on one parent! If your grandparents played a special role in your upbringing then be sure to thank them too.

Your partner’s Mum & Dad

They may have financially supported your wedding or they may have kept your partner sane through out the build up to the wedding. Whatever your reasons, be sure to thank your new husband or wife’s Mum and Dad. As with your own parents, try not too focus too much on one individual. If one of the parents has passed away a toast to their memory may be appropriate. Flowers for both sets of Mums is both traditional and a sweet gesture.

Your new wife/husband

Probably the most important person to thank. He or she is the reason why you have put yourself through the financial and emotional stress of organising your wedding day. Thank them for the time you’ve spent together and also for the wonderful times ahead.

Your bridesmaids / groomsmen

Depending on your choice of wedding these guys may have helped a lot of the big day. Some may have helped design table plans whilst others may have been guiding guests to seats durng the ceremony. These people would have shaped your personality into the person you are today and are there for you through good times and bad. A nice gift for groomsmen may be cufflinks or tie clips. For bridesmaids you may want to get them a large bottle of prosecco each. For a list of other bridesmaids gifts check out hitched.co.uk

The Best Man

A good best man would have helped in many ways before the wedding. Besides being a good friend they would have helped organise a stag do (often abroad), organised local drinks (the week before the wedding), worked hard on a good speech of their own and given you moral support as you wait nervously for your wife to be. A nice gift for a best man might be watch with an engraving or something from this comprehensive list.

The Maid of Honour

A good Maid of Honour may have helped you choose your dress, plan your hen party and stop your mother-in-law from interfering too much. Much like the Best Man, you can forget just how much a Maid of Honour does in the run up to your wedding day.

The person who introduced you to each other

If there’s a special person in the room who is the reason you found the love of your life then be sure to thank them too. You don’t have to spend too much time on them relative to thanking your friends and family, but a word of mention is appropriate.


Thank your guests, if only to get them on your side as you stumble through your speech. Many of them would have taken time of work to come join your celebration. The average cost of attending a wedding is quite high once you factor in transport, outfits, gifts and accommodation.

Staff and hired helped

Finally, your venue’s staff will be in ear shot of you whilst you give your speech. Whilst not essential, it’s wise to thank them for running a smooth event so far (if that’s the case).