Create a Game of Thrones Table Plan

Create a Game of Thrones Table Plan Your wedding day takes a lot of planning. Even the most diligent planner can get caught off guard though by guests who are late to respond or suddenly pull out at the last moment. When this happens you might find that your expensive table plans are now incorrect and there’s no time to order a new set from the local print shop. Even if there’s time to reorder, it’ll no doubt cost money to get the table plans reprinted and you’ll still have that fear that someone else will phone the night before to tell you that their wife has the flu and so they can’t make it.

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What age are women choosing to get married?

Fewer women are married by 30 in the UK compared to previous generations The Office of Naional Statistics releases datasets related to marriage showing us the age that women are married at. The charts below show that fewer women per 1000 are married at the of 30 compared to previous generations

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