Planning a company away day

Table plan ideas for your company off-site Table plans are not just for weddings. Any large gathering of people needs to be well organised. Companies are increasingly using off-site events to help get employees out of the office and generating fresh ideas. Imagine a large corporation, like Facebook or Google, even a small department is likely to have in excess of 50 staff members. Company off-sites often happen in hotels due to their array of large rooms that are ideal for catering for large numbers.

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What will Prince Harry & Meghan's table plan look like?

Harry & Meghan’s wedding seating plan With Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle fast approaching we thought we’d imagine what their table plans might look like. Each of the designs below has been made using the free wedding table plans that are available on this site. So who would be on the head table? Top tables normally limit guests to 8 or less people, all sat facing the same direction but it’s becoming more popular to have round tables at a wedding breakfast.

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